Welcome to thinkBuddha.org

Welcome to thinkBuddha.org, a small website dedicated to thoughts both on and off the winding paths of the various traditions of Buddhism.

thinkBuddha.org started life as a blog, back in 2005, and ran until 2011. It is written and run by me, Will Buckingham. I am a novelist, philosopher and writer (find out more on the about page), and I currently teach at De Montfort University in Leicester in the UK.

Although thinkBuddha started out as a blog, and was nominated as one of the top blogs of 2009 by the Sunday Times, these days the site is now more of a repository for a bunch of short articles that span a number of areas from philosophy to science, and from ethics and literature to Buddhist practice. I’ve now archived all the posts on thinkBuddha.org, in a fashion where I hope that they will be easy to explore and to track down. I’m no longer writing over here, as I’ve now set up a new blog called The Myriad Things. So I’ve now disabled the comments feature on this site, but do use the contact form if you would like to get in touch, and I’ll occasionally update the news section if anything interesting is happening.

I hope that you find the articles here interesting and useful. To search the articles database go to the articles page; or go straight to the archive for an exhaustive list of all the articles on the site.